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Need4Viz is the only software vendor that provides more than 40 charts components for SAP BI suite.

With our solution, build now some real dashboards in Webi and give your existing reports and dashboards a new dimension.

Wondering why you should choose our solution
to enhance the powerful of SAP BI solutions?
There are 3 main reasons


You deploy Need4Viz easily either by choosing the Saas Platform or the On Premise installation. In few minutes, you are able to play with your new components


With Need4Viz, no need to acquire a brand new product neither traine people to use another technology. Just buy the Need4Viz package that you need and continue to use your favorite reporting tool in the same manner


With Neeed4Viz, you can make your data speak with some powerful charts & maps. Add in your SAPBI reporting tool some powerful components that would need a long time to integrate and maintain by yourselves

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Let us provide the support you deserve.

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