Find some videos of Need4Viz elements implementation in Webi. You can also view on live some of the great features of our solution. Check back often, we add regularly new videos.

Comparaison between Webi & Webi+N4V

OpenDoc hyperlink & Print element

View here a demonstration of the hyperlink/OpenDoc feature embeded in elements. Also, view a pdf export of a dashboard that demonstrate the WYSIWYG print feature.

Comparaison between Webi & Webi+N4V

Linked elements between element and Webi

View here a demonstration of linked elements embedded in Need4Viz custom elements. By clicking on a chart value, the other webi elements (table, charts, other custom elements) can be dynamically filtered.

Comparaison between Webi & Webi+N4V

HTML Export of element

View here a demonstration of the HTML export feature of the Need4Viz elements.

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