Customer references

They trust us!

Gaëlle le Fur - BI Manager - SARIA (France)

"With Need4Viz we benefit from customized graphical elements that greatly enhance the visualization and analysis of dashboards with, as a bonus, ease of use! "

Hayden Gill - Associate Director BI - University of Queensland (Australia)

“Need4Viz provides the kind of capabilities Web Intelligence users have been asking SAP to provide for years. The team is responsive and a pleasure to deal with.”

Christine H – BI Manager - MDS (France)

"Need4Viz brings graphical elements that were badly lacking in BO to perform fluid and interactive analyzes! The responsiveness of the team should be emphasized"

Anonymous – Let’s SpeakBO experience (USA)

"Need4Viz Steroids for Webi"

Yann Voleau – CARIF OREF (France)

"N4V brings real added value to WebI documents in terms of innovative and dynamic visualizations. HTML exports finally make our productions visible to the outside world without going through PDF! We appreciate the human contact, the quick consideration of evolution requests, the possible personalization and the reactive and efficient support."

Kevin Kearney - BI Consultant - Mc Kesson (USA)

"Working with N4V was a breath of fresh air. We walked them through our custom user interactivity "hack" to create a dashboard experience in webi, and they came back to us with an enhancement to their product. N4V's ability to understood our unique use case as well as their near immediate delivery was a great experience. Simply put, our organization had a NEED4VIZ and they made it happen."

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