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Examples of maps & geolocalisation charts generated by an automatic export from Webi into this website.

Feel free to click on chart components to see animations, drills, filterings…
Please contact us to see a more detailed demonstration.

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Google Heatmap

Drillable Maps

Maps & Pie

OpenStreetMap & Pie Chart

Tile Maps

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From variable pie to drillable bubble chart, use various way to round your data


Make your KPI alive in our animated gauges


Classic in appearance but so powerful in functionality, change your vision about bars


Scroll your data through filtered and paginated tables


Display the trend or progress informations on a styled tile


Slide on a timeline or break down your data on a sparkline


Navigate trough your data and filter Webi blocs


Plan your projects and manage your resources


Multi, pivot, relations chart… So many other ways to analyze and display your data

Coming soon

Not yet in our catalog but we are already working to deliver them quickly

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