Release 2021.1.0 – What’s new ?

Jan 29, 2021

Find here some main new features of this release…

The full release note is available HERE

Maplines custom layers

Now, you can  add custom points on your Mapline.

  • Enrich your maps (standard or personalized maps) by adding as many types of points of interest as desired.
  • Customize the point presentation icon (geometric shape, image, color).
  • Choose to display all or only certain types of points on each of your maps in Webi.
  • Choose to add the types of points in the legend so that the user can turn them off at will…

Tiles custom icons

Now you can add custom icons to your trend or progress tiles.

  • Customize your tiles even further. Embed an icon on your tiles from a local file on the Need4Viz server or accessible online via an URL.
  • Choose the location of the icon on the tile, define its size and repetition.
  • Other improvements of this release, the progressions tiles have been revised in depth to offer even more possibilities in rendering.
  • A gradient can now be applied to the background of the tiles to add an extra touch of dynamism.


Find here the N4V roadmap for Webi.

This forecast is likely to change depending on the needs and requests of our customers.

  • Minor releases (1 / month) : bug fixes, addition of new settings or features to existing components
  • Major releases (1 / quarter) : same as minor releases and addition of new component(s)

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